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Lets Dance, Dance and Dance in Dance Party

Once a boy or a girl entered in Dance Party all they expect is to dance. Dance may be of many types and style. But the best dance is that when all party youngster dance together putting hand in hand without any trace of heartbreak. This article is to provide you with different types of dance for your Dance Party.

By the time the Grand March is over everyone will feel sufficiently “in” and will not retire to a corner, but just to avoid that possibility it is well to suggest a “Virginia Reel” an old-fashioned country dance that is easily explained.

The players stand well apart in lines or sets of about six couples facing each other. The boys line is at the left of the girls when they turn to march. All the couples go through the figures at the same time. While the music is being played or sung the leader should call the figures as follows:
Forward and bow right hand swing
Left hand swing: both hand swings do right:
Do si do left
Arm right
Arm left
Head couple lead

Each player advances three steps, bows to partner and returns to place.
Partners advance, join right hands, and turn each other.
Partners join left hands and turn.
Partners join both hands and turn.
Partners fold arms and walk around each other, passing on the right and walking backward to place.
Partners fold arms and walk around, passing on the left and walking backward to place. Partners hook right arms and swing around. Partners hook left arms and swing around.
YOUR LINES AWAY: The girl in the first couple turns to the right and the boy to the left, and the others follow: They march down outside their respective lines, clapping hands in time to the music. When the first couple meets at the foot of the lines, they join hands and form a bridge. As the following couples meet they march under the bridge to their places, the second couple thus becoming the first. The game is continued until each couple has acted as first cou-pie.

At the conclusion of this dance the youngsters will have lost all shyness and be ready to dance the social dances. To add variety to the evening choose two boys and give each a brush, and give two girls each a lemon. A boy may step up to any lad and brush him off with his brush. The lad being brushed must relinquish his girl to the brusher and accept the brush. Then is his chance to brush off some other fellow.

The girls with the lemons in the meantime may step up to any dancing girl and hand her a lemon. That girl must accept the lemon and relinquish her partner to the first girl. This takes away the formality of too stiff a dance and prevents any one person from being stuck with a poor dancer.

A further variation to the program may be added by circle dances in which the couples all dance around a circle and at a given signal the boys step forward to the next girl and the girls backward to the boy behind. This is lots of fun and can be used with any conventional dance step such as the waltz, the two-step, the schottische or fox trot. For this informal dance, a paper-bag supper will provide informal refreshments for informal appetites. Let the girls take one of the brown paper sacks, which contains lunch for two, and pick a lad to eat with her. These bags can contain two paper cups, each filled with chicken salad and wrapped in waxed paper. Two deviled eggs will be quickly devoured (use a bright canape stick in each to hold the halves together). Tiny cakes, cookies, or ice-cream sandwiches (put in the bag just before serving) will do nicely for the sweet tooth.

We guarantee that this very first dance will be long remembered for its fun and thrills, without a trace of heartbreak for even the shyest.

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